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01/07/2007 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

In support of the forthcoming European Commission Strategy on Mental Health, and building on the mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention components of the WHO Declaration and Action Plan for Mental Health.

Areas ddressed by the conference will include:

  • Evidence to practice for policies and programmes: outlining the most recent advances to support mental health policies and programmes at the local, national and European levels;
  • Implementation: helping develop dissemination, implementation and management plans;
  • Financing: supporting strategies for financing action and strengthening management systems across Europe;
  • Building capacity and training: strengthening policy and advocacy development, andnetworking.

The conference will be action oriented and highly participatory, being structured around a large number of working sessions and discussion panels. A few plenary sessions will introduce each of the main themes. The conference aims to share examples, barriers and opportunities encountered throughout Europe in implementing prevention and promotion action for mental health. The outcomes of the conference will include a set of recommendations and suggested proposals to support implementation of action for mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention across Europe.

Participants include: policy makers, programme implementers, health promoters, researchers, prevention specialists and planners working at all levels of European society. Given the inter-sectoral nature of mental health, participation of delegates from the education, justice, employment, and other sectors is encouraged.

For more information on the European Conference in Mental Health visit the website:


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