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01/08/2007 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

The ProMenPol project (funded by the EU) aims to increase knowledge and improve practice in promoting and protecting mental health in the three settings of schools, workplaces and residential homes for older people. It will do so by making available, in a structured way, information on research, current policies, best practice, prevention measures and impact of measures.

In the first year of this 3 year project, the main aim is to build a theoretical frame which can be used to map and repackage existing research and practice within the field of mental health and well being so that it can be easily accessed and used by practitioners. On this basis existing tools (i.e. measures and actions for managing mental health promotion) will be collected and packaged into three setting-specific toolkits that will be piloted at a later stage.

Ultimately outcomes of ProMenPol can help European and national policy makers to implement a mental health strategy throughout Europe.

ProMenPol will hold the first of its three annual conferences in Berlin on October 11th and 12th 2007. The main issue to be addressed at the ProMenPol conference is to gain agreement between the project actors and outside interested parties on the conceptual framework for the project. It also aims to widely disseminate information concerning positive mental health and to amend it on the basis of the feedback obtained at the conference.

Given the limited number of places available, this conference is an invitation only conference. Regardless, the results of the conference will be posted on the ProMenPol Website.

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