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17/08/2009 - Submitted by: Sarah Horst

The EU-Project Monitoring Mental Health Environments aimed to collect, process, analyse and evaluate objective, reliable and comparable available information and data in 17 European regions, to effectively formulate and monitor appropriate strategies, policies and tools on the field of promoting mental health at the community level. Information at national level was requested also. The information and data were collected by using an already tested and agreed set of structural indicators of social and environmental factors that have approved impact in positive mental health. It is intended that the Policy Forum audience will be a combination of stakeholders and practitioners in public health, mental health and health promotion: - policy leads and decision-makers in community, regional and national positions - consultants, project-managers, researchers, implementation and evaluation experts. Please register till 15th August 2009, registration form (accommodation included) available via Dr. Arnhold: A block-booking of rooms has been made. Price per night / full board 80,00 Euro/person. If you have problems or questions with your registration please contact Dr. Arnhold.

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