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12/10/2009 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

LogoThe 20th IUHPE World Conferences on Health Promotion – Geneva 2010 – is a triennial event organized by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education and Health Promotion Switzerland.

In a globalized world, the dynamics of modernisation and urbanisation pose major challenges to both health promotion and societal development. Therefore, the focus of the Geneva 2010 conference is on building bridges between health promotion and sustainable development by:

  • presenting and discussing state-of-the-art knowledge and cross-cutting issues in health promotion and sustainable development,
  • showcasing and challenging best practice in health promotion, with focus on sustainability, and 
  • initiating strong alliances and partnerships for promoting sound policies and practices that positively impact the health of people, societies and the planet.
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Geneva, Switzerland
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