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  • ProMenPol Newsletter No.7 Now Available
    The 7th ProMenPol Newsletter, January 2009 edition, is now available for downloading in PDF format.
  • ProMenPol Newsletter No. 6 Now Available
    The 6th ProMenPol Newsletter is now available
  • Support Project - Bulletin
    The Support Project Bulletin - World Mental Health Day 2008
  • Policies and Practices for Mental Health in Europe
    A report published by WHO Regional Office for Europe and co-funded by the European Commission, provides data not hitherto available on mental health policy and practice across the European Region. It also highlights important information gaps.
    Policies and practices for mental health in Europe allows for country to country comparisons on indicators such as numbers of psychiatrists, financing, community services, training of workforce, prescription of anti-depressants and representation of users and carers. Data for the 42 Member States involved was obtained from ministries of health.
  • Corporate Newsletter of the WHO Regional Office
    Corporate Newsletter of the WHO Regional Office.
  • Recent and Upcoming Reports from Mental Health Highlight Services and Practice throughout Europe
    The Mental Health Programme of the WHO Regional Office for Europe has produced a number of documents which will be ready for distribution in the Autumn of 2008.
    The attached pdf provides a summary of these documents.
  • Europe's Wealth of Unhappiness
    The European Voice in their last health quarterly, chose mental health as the core topic where interesting messages and issues are raised by WHO and Commission experts on this subject.
  • The Relationship between Physical and Mental Health
    The Highland Users Group (HUG) has produced a short guide to the subject of maintaining good physical health while living with a mental health problem. Entitled "Mental and Physical Health: the Views of HUG on the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health and What Can Keep Us Healthy"
  • The State of Mental Health Across the EU
    The EU has recently published a set of overviews, by individual country, on the situation of Mental Health Promotion and Mental Disease Prevention developed so far in each of the EU countries and activities to date.
  • ProMenPol Featured in Gesundes Oesterreich
    Recently a detailed project description of the ProMenPol project was published in Austria.

Results 21 to 30 out of 46.