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  • Fit for Purpose
    Despite mental health problems, Jonathan Naess maintained a successful career, and insists others can do so too. Now he just has to persuade employers throughout the UK.....
  • Short Report on the 1st ProMenPol Conference
    The ProMenPol project has just completed its first annual conference in Berlin at the offices of the BAUA on the 11th and 12th of October 2007. This report is an initial account of the proceedings and discussions which took place there.
  • European Commission Adopt a New Health Strategy - Together for Health: A Strategic Approach for the EU 2008-2013
    On 23 October 2007 the European Commission adopted a new Health Strategy, 'Together for Health: A Strategic Approach for the EU 2008-2013'. Building on current work, this Strategy aims to provide, for the first time, an overarching strategic framework spanning core issues in health as well as health in all policies and global health issues. The Strategy aims to set clear objectives to guide future work on health at the European level, and to put in place an implementation mechanism to achieve those objectives, working in partnership with Member States.
  • WHO Launch the MIND Website
    Despite their significant magnitude and devastating impact, mental health problems fail to be properly recognized and addressed by countries all over the world. The recently launched WHO Mind Website
    allows individuals to learn what WHO is doing to change the situation and improve the lives of people with mental disorders worldwide.
  • First ProMenPol Conference Successfully Completed
    The first ProMenPol Conference took place in Berlin on the 11th and 12th of October. Approximately, 54 people attended this invitational only conference with a view to meet again next year in June 2008. All Conference Presentations are now available.
  • ProMenPol Newsletter Number 2, September 2007
    The Second ProMenPol Newsletter is now available.

Results 41 to 46 out of 46.