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  • SLAN 2007 - Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland
    The third Slan survey of lifestyle, attitudes and nutrition in Ireland has just been published. It surveyed 10000 adults in relation to these issues as well as looking at mental health and mental vitality. It provides a comprehensive and representative perspective on current health practices and also provides useful comparisons with the two previous surveys so that trends can be established.
  • The EU Public Health Information System -
    11/03/2008 Public health compared across Europe. The EU Public Health Information & Knowledge System brings together public health knowledges from a variety of European projects and other research. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge and good practice between EU countries and serves as an easy-to-use tool for health professionals, policy makers and others. Several European health projects have used EUPHIX as a platform to present their project results. Visit or contact the EUPHIX team for more information:
  • New Book on Health Promotion available in April 2008!
    A new book produced by the FRK (Viennese Red Cross) and published by the facultas.wuv in Vienna, Austria will be available in April 2008.
  • ProMenPol Featured in Mental Health Promotion Update
    A Presentation of the ProMenPol Project is featured in Mental Health Promotion Update. The article is entitled The ProMenPol Project: Mental Health promotion in schools, workplaces and residential homes for older people.
  • 2007 - ProMenPol Policy Workshop Report
    The report associated with the ProMenPol Policy Workshop is now available.

Results 11 to 15 out of 15.