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01/04/2009 - Submitted by: Wynne Richard

Eurofound’s second European quality of life survey (EQLS), which was carried out in 2007, offers a wide-ranging view of the diverse social realities in the 27 Member States, as well as covering Norway and the candidate countries of Turkey, Macedonia and Croatia.

Many of the questions asked in the first EQLS in 2003 were asked again, on such issues as employment, income, education, housing, family, health, work–life balance, life satisfaction and perceived quality of society. Being in possession of two sets of data will allow the research team to gauge how people’s lives have changed in the intervening years.

Data from EQLS and other complementary sources also feed the Eurofound’s electronic database of statistical quality of life indicators (EurLIFE).

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Anderson, Robert; Mikuliç, Branislav; Vermeylen, Greet; Lyly-Yrjanainen, Maija; Zigante, Valentina


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
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