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15/07/2008 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

A major focus of the ProMenPol project is to identify tools for the protection and promotion of mental health within the 3 settings of interest, educational institutions, workplace and older peoples’ residences. Over 300 tools have now been collected and
categorised using the ProMenPol framework1 (for further information on the development of the framework behind the database, please refer to ProMenPol Framework V1 & V2 Deliverable - D4.1).

These tools have been uploaded onto the ProMenPol website so that these resources can be easily searched for and viewed by practitioners and educators within the field of Mental Health Promotion and Protection. In essence, the ProMenPol database is a structured selection of Mental Health Promotion tools, categorised according to the ProMenPol framework, which contains an ICF Classification, ICD10 Classification and a
Mental Health Promotion Classification.

In addition, a mental health toolkit which can be customised in various ways has been developed. The ProMenPol toolkit is a sub-set of the ProMenPol Database. It is structured for each setting and contains a set of tools which support the entire implementation
process of mental health promotion. This toolkit was produced by applying a specific set of criteria (application in the field, country normally used in, stage of development, evaluation and research available and level of beneficiary involvement in design) to each of the tools in the ProMenPol Database. Those tools with the ‘highest’ scores were included in the Toolkit. This process is explained in greater detail in the methodology
section of this report.

The tools within the ProMenPol toolkit will be implemented in the pilot projects during workpackage 6, to review the practicality and usefulness of the toolkit. Based on the feedback from the pilot sites, it is envisaged that the toolkit will be reviewed and revised and version 2 of the toolkit will be produced. This report covers version 1 of the toolkit. In overall terms, this report sets out to explain in greater detail:

  • The methodology of the development of the ProMenPol Toolkit
  • How the Database and Toolkit are presented on the ProMenPol website
  • How the Database and Toolkit can be utilised
It should be noted that although this is the ‘Toolkit’ deliverable, the Database is also reported on as it is interlinked with the toolkit. As mentioned earlier, the toolkit is a subsection of the database. In addition to the fact that users can search using one or the other or both, it would not make sense to report on the Toolkit alone without references to the database.
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