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24/08/2007 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

The Statement of Ethical Vision is intended to set out the approach to be adopted by ProMenPol partners, and participating pilot sites, to ensure ethical excellence in all project activities.

The ProMenPol project is structured into three phases of activity. In the first, a conceptual framework will be developed for understanding and organising methods and tools to promote mental health within the three settings for the project (educational institutions, workplaces and residential facilities for older people). In the second, a set of tools for the promotion of mental health will be developed while in the third these tools will be piloted in a range of settings within the participating countries and amended on the basis of their evaluation in these settings. Dissemination of the outputs of all three phases will also take place.

A number of ethical issues arise within the ProMenPol project particularly in Phase 3 – particularly relating to informed consent, data security & confidentiality and relevant guidelines & regulations. What is required is an ethical vision that can inform the partners and the pilot sites that will ensure that the implementation of the study complies to best practice in ethical decision making. There are a number of relevant national and international guidelines and regulations that can assist the ProMenPol partners to develop such an Ethical Vision that can assist all participants to adhere to an appropriate approach to the intended beneficiaries throughout the life of the project.

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