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Activity Provision - Benchmarking Good Practice in Care Homes

Mental Health Promotion and Protection Categories (MHP)


Or1 - Policies

Or11 - Health and Safety [General Reference]
Code Element
Or12 - Health Promotion Policy [General Reference]
Code Element
Or13 - Quality Systems [General Reference]
Code Element
Or14 - Values & Ethics [General Reference]
Code Element
Or15 - Training and Development [General Reference]
Code Element

Or2 - Enablers

Or21 - Ethos/ Culture
Code Element
Selected Or21.4 Person Centred Approach
Selected Or21.5 Interaction Climate
Selected Or21.6 Social Atmosphere

Or3 - Processes/ Implementation

Or31 - Organisational Processes
Code Element
Selected Or31.3 Individualised Plans
Selected Or31.11 Peer Support
Selected Or31.14 Communications Practice
Selected Or31.16 Health and Safety Hazard Control
Or32 - Health Promotion Processes
Code Element
Selected Or32.4 Risk Assessment

Or4 - Performance/ Outcomes

Or41 - Health Benefits [General Reference]
Code Element
Or42 - Organisational Benefits
Code Element
Selected Or42.1 Organisational Performance
Selected Or42.2 Satisfaction of Beneficiaries
Or43 - Individual Benefits [General Reference]
Code Element
Or44 - Social Benefits
Code Element
Selected Or44.3 Social Integration

En1 - Infrastructure

En12 - Facilities
Code Element
Selected En12.1 Sports, Leisure and Recreation Facilities

En2 - Social Networks

En21 - Formal and Informal Relations
Code Element
Selected En21.1 Peer Support Programme
Selected En21.2 Peer Mentoring
Selected En21.5 Social Activities/Leisure Programme/Team Events
En22 - Family
Code Element
Selected En22.8 Family Social Programmes
En23 - Community [General Reference]
Code Element

En3 - External Environment

En32 - Public Policies
Code Element
Selected En32.1 Health and Safety
Selected En32.2 Public Health

Pr1 - Generic Programmes

Pr13 - Mental Health Promotion Programmes [General Reference]
Code Element
Pr14 - Participation Programmes [General Reference]
Code Element
Selected Pr14.1 Orientation and Induction
Selected Pr14.2 Social Support
Selected Pr14.3 Social & Leisure Activities
Pr17 - Life Long Learning & Training Programmes
Code Element
Selected Pr17.5 Raising Self Awareness
Selected Pr17.8 Social Competence

Pr2 - Targeted Programmes

Pr21 - Diversity Groups [General Reference]
Code Element

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