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Bulli & Pupe, Intervention Program for the Reduction of Bullying and Victimization in School

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)


ICF - Core Set

d - Activities and Participation
Code Element
Selected d160, d163, d166,d170,d172 Applying Knowledge -Focusing Attention, Thinking, Reading, Writing, Calculating
Selected d175, d177 Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Selected d710, d720, Basic and Complex Interpersonal Interactions
Selected d730, d740, d750, d770 Relationships - Strangers, Formal, Informal Social, Intimate
e - Environmental Factors
Code Element
Selected e310, e315, e320, e325, e330, e340, e355, e360 Physical and Emotional Support
Selected e410, e415, e420, e425, e430, e440, e450,e455 Attitudes of individuals
ICD10 - ICD10
Code Element
Selected FGP General Population