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Irish Nationwide Anti Bullying Programme

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)


ICF - Core Set

d - Activities and Participation
Code Element
Selected d160, d163, d166,d170,d172 Applying Knowledge -Focusing Attention, Thinking, Reading, Writing, Calculating
Selected d175, d177 Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Selected d710, d720, Basic and Complex Interpersonal Interactions
Selected d730, d740, d750, d770 Relationships - Strangers, Formal, Informal Social, Intimate
e - Environmental Factors
Code Element
Selected e310, e315, e320, e325, e330, e340, e355, e360 Physical and Emotional Support
Selected e410, e415, e420, e425, e430, e440, e450,e455 Attitudes of individuals
Selected e460 Societal Attitudes
Selected e465 Social Norms, Practices and Ideologies
Selected e585 Education and Training Services, Systems and Policies