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Irish Nationwide Anti Bullying Programme

Mental Health Promotion and Protection Categories (MHP)


Or1 - Policies

Or11 - Health and Safety
Code Element
Selected Or11.4 Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment
Or14 - Values & Ethics [General Reference]
Code Element
Or15 - Training and Development [General Reference]
Code Element

Or2 - Enablers

Or21 - Ethos/ Culture
Code Element
Selected Or21.7 Bullying and Harassment/Abuse
Or22 - Student Support [General Reference]
Code Element
Or24 - Staff
Code Element
Selected Or24.1 Roles and Responsibilities
Selected Or24.4 Attitudes
Selected Or24.5 Training and Development

Or3 - Processes/ Implementation

Or31 - Organisational Processes
Code Element
Selected Or31.11 Peer Support
Selected Or31.18 Family Involvement
Or32 - Health Promotion Processes
Code Element
Selected Or32.3 Evaluation of Health Promotion Actions

Or4 - Performance/ Outcomes

Or43 - Individual Benefits
Code Element
Selected Or43.1 Beneficiary Wellbeing
Selected Or43.4 Quality of Life
Or44 - Social Benefits
Code Element
Selected Or44.1 Staff, Student or Client Morale
Selected Or44.2 Mutual Support
Selected Or44.3 Social Integration

En2 - Social Networks

En21 - Formal and Informal Relations
Code Element
Selected En21.1 Peer Support Programme
En22 - Family
Code Element
Selected En22.1 Discussion Forums and Information Sessions
En24 - Teachers or Carers
Code Element
Selected En24.1 Programme to Support Teachers or Carers

Pr1 - Generic Programmes

Pr13 - Mental Health Promotion Programmes
Code Element
Selected Pr13.2 Coping Skills Education
Selected Pr13.6 Emotional Wellbeing
Pr14 - Participation Programmes
Code Element
Selected Pr14.2 Social Support

Pr3 - Programmes for at Risk Individuals

Pr31 - Capacity Building
Code Element
Selected Pr31.1 Personal Development Programme
Selected Pr31.2 Coping Skills Training
Selected Pr31.3 Problem Solving, Decision Making & Goal Setting
Pr32 - Support Programmes
Code Element
Selected Pr32.1 Peer Support Programme
Selected Pr32.3 Life Skills, Relationship and Social Programmes