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Step 1 - Preparation

This step is about getting ready to embark upon a Mental Health Promotion initiative within an organisation.

Step 2 - Needs Analysis and Planning

This step involves an analysis of the needs of the organisation and intended beneficiaries to identify priorities and  planning  a strategy to respond to identified needs.

Step 3 - Implementation/Intervention

The tools that are relevant to this step include tools that provide guidance on how to carry out plans and manage a project and instruments that are about intervening with people including Individual Assessments, Training and Development Tools, and programmes of promotion and prevention. 

 Step 4 - Follow-Up and Evaluation

This step is about measuring and evaluating the impact of initiatives which have been carried out and reviewing the implications for future action.


Image map for implemetation steps 1st Step - PREPARATIONS:
- How to build collaboration
- How to communicate
- Scope of the project?
- Existing activities
- Developing a project team 2nd Step - NEEDS ANALYSIS AND PLANNING:
- Needs analysis
- Setting targets
- What functions well and what could be improved?
- Project plan 3rd Step - IMPLEMENTATION:
- Responsibility for activities?
- Carrying out plans
- Who will participate?
- Targets of the actions
- Providing feedback 4th Step - FOLLOW-UP AND EVALUATION:
- Following up and evaluating the process
- Achievement of targets
- Ensuring continuous progress


If the tool you are looking for is not in the ProMenPol toolkit then you can also search in the ProMenPol Database