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The ProMenPol toolkit consists of 4 inter-related manuals on how to implement mental health promotion. These are outlined below:

Each of these manuals can be downloaded as a PDF document, but you can also use the Generic Manual online as a means of navigating your way through the tools database.

The Generic Manual outlines an approach to implementing MHP that can be used in any of the settings. The settings specific manuals provide advice on issues that are particular to each setting.

If you wish to use the Generic Manual online, you can use the diagram below as a means of navigation. You can also use the menu on the left hand side to help in navigation.

Diagram 1st Step - PREPARATION:
- How to build collaboration
- How to communicate
- Scope of the project
- Existing Activities
- Developing a project team 2nd Step - NEEDS ANALYSIS AND PLANNING:
- Needs Analysis
- Setting Targets
- Selecting MHP Tools
- Project Planning 3rd Step - IMPLEMENTATION:
- Assigning Responsibility for Activities
- Carrying out Plans
- Targeting the Actions
- Providing Feedback 4th Step - FOLLOW-UP AND EVALUATION:
- Monitoring the Process
- Evaluating the Process
- Ensuring Continuous Progress