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  • Protecting the Human Rights of People with Mental Disorder: New Recommendations Emerging from the Council of Europe
    Author(s): Kingdon D., Jones R. & Lönnqvist J.
    Publishing Year: 2004
    Published In: The British Journal of Psychiatry
    Pages: 277-279
    Volume: 185
  • The Built Environment and Mental Health
    Author(s): Evans G.W.
    Publishing Year: 2003
    Published In: Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
    Number: 4
    Volume: 80
    Download(s): the-built-environment-and-mental-health - 118 KB
  • Luontoympäristöt ja hyvinvointi
    Author(s): Korpela K.
    Publishing Year: 2007
    Published In: Psykologia
    Pages: 364-376
    Number: 5
    Volume: 42
  • Strategies for Promoting the Mental Health of Populations
    Author(s): Lahtinen E., Joubert N., Raeburn J. and Jenkins R.
    Publisher: WHO: Singapore
    Publishing Year: 2005
    Publisher Location: Singapore
    Published In: Herrman H., Saxena S. & Moodie R. (Eds.) Promoting Mental Health
    Pages: 234-235
  • Healthy Cities and the City Planning Process. A Background Document on Links between Health and Urban Planning
    Author(s): Duhl L.J. and Sanchez A.K.
    Publisher: WHO Regional Office for Europe
    Publishing Year: 1999
    Publisher Location: Copenhagen
    Download(s): healthy-cities-and-the-city-planning-process - 209 KB
  • Looking at Practice: An Open Learning Induction Programme for Support Care Staff in the Voluntary, Statutory and Private Sectors of Adult and Elder Care
    Author(s): Harvey M.
    Publishing Year: 1995
  • Human Resources and Training in Mental Health
    Author(s): World Health Organization (WHO)
    Publisher: World Health Organization (WHO)
    Publishing Year: 2005
    Download(s): human-resrouces-and-training-in-mental-health - 1.12 MB
  • Improving Support for Mental Health Staff: A Qualitative Study
    Author(s): Reid Y., Johnson S., Morant N., Kuipers E., Szmukler G., Bebbington P., Thomicroft G. and Prosser D.
    Publishing Year: 1999
    Published In: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
    Pages: 309-315
    Number: 6
    Volume: 34
  • A Rapid Literature Review of Best Practices in Mental Health Service System Policy and Programs: Phase I. Prepared for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Systems Research and Consulting Unit, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
    Author(s): Macfarlane D., Butterill D., Goering P., et. al.
    Publishing Year: 2009
  • Improving Mental Health Literacy as a Strategy to Facilitate Early Intervention for Mental Disorders
    Author(s): Kelly C. M., Jorm A.F. & Wright A.
    Publishing Year: 2007
    Published In: Medical Journal of Australia
    Pages: s26-s30
    Number: 7
    Volume: 187

Results 51 to 60 out of 458.