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  • Impacts of Lifelong Learning upon Emotional Resilience, Psychological and Mental Health: Fieldwork Evidence
    Author(s): Hammond C.
    Publishing Year: 2004
    Published In: Oxford Review of Education, 1465-3915
    Pages: 551 – 568
    Number: 4
    Volume: 30
  • Creating a Better Educated Workforce to Support People with Personality Disorder
    Author(s): Duffin C.
    Publishing Year: 2010
    Published In: Mental Health Practice
    Number: 5
    Volume: 13
  • Preventive Staff Support Interventions for Health Workers. Department of Health. Working Together—Learning Together: A Framework for Lifelong Learning in the NHS
    Author(s): Department of Health
    Publishing Year: 2001
    Publisher Location: London
  • Journey of Hope and Despair. The Short-Term Outcome in Achizophrenia and the Experiences of Caregivers of People with Severe Mental Disorder. Disseration - Tampere University
    Author(s): Stengård E.
    Publishing Year: 2005
  • Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness: A Multiperspective Account of Issues and Interventions
    Author(s): Reupert A. & Maybery D.
    Publishing Year: 2007
    Published In: Am J Orthopsychiatry
    Pages: 362-369
    Number: 13
    Volume: 77
  • Family Interventions for Mental Disorders: Efficacy and Effectiveness
    Author(s): Falloon I.
    Publishing Year: 2003
    Published In: World Psychiatry
    Pages: 20-28
    Number: 1
    Volume: 2
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Services to Families of People with Psychiatric Disabilities
    Author(s): Dixon L. McFarlane W.R. Lefley H., et al.
    Published In: Psychiatr Serv.
    Pages: 903–910
    Volume: 52
  • Understanding Family Process: Basics of the Family Systems Theory
    Author(s): Broderick C.
    Publisher: Sage Publications
    Publishing Year: 1993
    Publisher Location: London
  • Role of the Family in the Outset and Outcome of Childhood Disorders: Selected Research Findings
    Author(s): Wamboldt M. & Wamboldt E.
    Publishing Year: 2000
    Published In: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Pages: 1212-1219
    Volume: 39
  • Social Relationships and Health: The Relative Role of Family Functioning and Social Support
    Author(s): Franks P., Campbell T. & Shields C.
    Publishing Year: 1992
    Published In: Social Science and Medicine
    Pages: 779-788
    Volume: 34

Results 61 to 70 out of 458.