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02/12/2010 - Submitted by: Solin Pia

Over 500 experts from 40 countries worldwide gathered to Washington on November 2010 to discuss promotion of equity in mental health. Poverty and social exclusion have a significant influence on mental health, affecting most seriously those in low and middle income countries. Even in wealthier nations, there is an increasing gap in the number of people living in poverty, creating conditions that result in negative health and mental health consequences for those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Without education, social support and health care, and other policies that protect the most vulnerable, these disparities continue to grow. The Conference addressed ways to promote equity in mental health, such as: balancing the emphasis on promotion as well as treatment; achieving parity in reimbursement for care; redressing generations of trauma for indigenous peoples; and recognizing and responding to the interrelationship of physical and mental health. The programme was divided into five topics according to the main strategies in promoting equity in mental health • advocacy and influencing policy • research on promotion and prevention • developing stakeholder partnerships • implementing effective programs • developing an effective workforce for promotion and prevention. The conference opened up a possibility to learn from people across the globe about their research findings and programs that promote mental health and prevent disorders in all kinds of settings. Dr. Eija Stengård from THL, Finland presented a poster describing the results of a quantitative study on organization's knowledge and options for mental health promotion. The presentations of the conference will be made available online:

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