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  • To select the mental health promotion tools and interventions that are most appropriate for the project

What Needs to be Done 

Selecting the right MHP tools and interventions for the project is key to its success. There is a very wide range of tools available that can potentially help the implementation process. The problem for most projects is not a lack of available tools but easily identifiable and useful tools. Often the MHP implementer is confused by the information about potential tools in terms of their reliability, previous usage and how well they fit their needs. 

The ProMenPol database of tools provides a guide to some of the more robust tools that are available for implementation in any of the three settings. If you need a guide to the kinds of tools that are available, this is a good place to start your search. In addition, the setting specific Toolkit-Manuals will guide you in making a choice.

Some technical knowledge is useful in making the selection of MHP tools for the MHP project. The key issue in making a selection is to ensure that the tools selected are appropriate for the kind of project you will undertake and meeting the needs of your target group.

Where possible, you should try to use MHP tools that have been evaluated, as this gives you a better chance of successfully meeting your goals. There may be circumstances where you may wish to uses tools that do not have a strong record of evaluation, such as when new tools are being launched, but even in these circumstances you should look for clear information about the quality of the tools and the support that may available when using it.

The ProMenPol Toolkit contains information on the amount of evaluation information that is available for each tool within the database. 

Who is Involved?

The Project Team, backed up by technical expertise if needed.