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  • To establish the targets for the MHP programme.

What Needs to be Done

The main task here is to set targets for the MHP programme. This activity is undertaken by the project team and, will in consultation with the major stakeholders in the setting, establish the parameters of the MHP programme. These include: 

  • The aims of the programme – these should be set in terms that are measurable
  • The numbers of beneficiaries of the programme
  • The desired outcomes of the programme in terms, for example, mental wellbeing improvements. The desired outcomes may also be set in terms of intermediate outcomes, such as levels of social support, reductions in reports of bullying, numbers of visitors and so on.
  • The duration of the programme – it is important here to allow enough time for the programme to take effect.
  • The benefits of the programme for the beneficiaries. 

The needs analysis should provide the basis for setting the targets – this will provide you with a list of issues to be addressed and an assessment of how important they are in relation to each other. 

When the targets for the programme are set, you must communicate these with the major stakeholders within the setting. This will help to maintain the momentum of the programme and set realistic expectations for what might be achieved. Feedback should be taken and used to amend the programme targets. 

Who is Involved?

The Project Team are involved in drafting the programme targets. The beneficiaries of the programme (or their representatives) are involved on providing feedback on these targets.