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Tool Information

Settings: Workplace
MHP Steps: Preparation | Needs Analysis
Country of Origin: Canada
Languages: English | French
URL: Click here for Tool Website

Evaluation: Unknown
Available Formats: Soft Copy
Free: Yes
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Organisation
Tool Type: Other
Download(s): stress-part-2-engpdf - 510 KB

Tool Description

The primary purpose of this publication is to raise awareness and inspire action concerning the very real risks to health and safety posed by certain kinds of toxic stress in the workplace. The Best Advice on Stress Risk Management in the Workplace paves the way to health and safety promotion in the workplace. Stress risk management or stress abatement — dealing with organisational stress at its source — is a prerequisite to meaningful health and safety promotion. Other initiatives, such as the introduction of health promotion programs, can support the effectiveness of stress risk management. But stress risk management is important in its own right because it serves the basic health and safety principle of “do no harm.” The materials can be used as a presentation and can also be used on a self-instructional basis. They can also be used to assist in the development of workplace surveys and the understanding of results from these surveys. This two part document outlines the impact of stress in the workplace and includes advice on how to manage stress in the workplace.

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: Applied internationally
Stage of Development: Well established
Evaluation and Research: Referenced widely
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: Descriptor not applicable

Contact Details

Organisation Name: Health Canada (Federal Health Department of Canada)
Address: Public Inquiry - Workplace Health and Public Safety Programme, Health Canada, Vanguard Building
Address Line 2: 171 Slater Street, 9th Floor, A.L. 3709D, Ottawa, Ontario
Postal Code: K1A 0K9

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