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Tool Information

Settings: Workplace
MHP Steps: Preparation
Country of Origin: United States
Languages: English
URL: Click here for Tool Website

Evaluation: Not available
Available Formats: Soft Copy
Free: Yes
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Organisation
Tool Type: How to Manual/Design Tool
Download(s): A Mentally Healthy Workforce – It’s Good for Business - 674 KB

Tool Description

The Partnership provides some insight into the question of how a mentally unhealthy workplace can be changed to a healthy one. After giving background information on mental illnesses and cost effectiveness of treatments for companies a three step approach is suggested: 1. Evaluation of your current programs, 2. Construction of your program, 3. Strenghtening of your program.

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: General use in one country
Tool mainly used in: United States
Stage of Development: Recently produced(2-3 years)
Evaluation and Research: No information found
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: Descriptor not applicable

Contact Details

Organisation Name: American Psychiatric Foundation
Address: 1000 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 1825,
Address Line 2: Arlington, VA 22209
Country: United States
Telephone: 703-907-8561

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