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Tool Information

Settings: Residence for Older People
MHP Steps: Implementation
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Languages: English
URL: Click here for Tool Website

Evaluation: No
Available Formats: Soft Copy
Free: No
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Individual and Organisation
Tool Type: Educational/Training

Tool Description

Research indicates that friendship contributes to wellbeing in later life in various ways: through the provision of companionship in daily life, support during stressful transitions, sustainment of identity under changing circumstances and adaptation to old age. However not all older people have friends available who fulfil these different functions. In order to promote wellbeing and reduce loneliness, an educational programme on friendship enrichment for older women has been developed and implemented in the Netherlands. The friendship programme's main goal is empowerment; it helps women clarify their needs in friendship, analyse their current social network, set goals in friendship and develop strategies to achieve goals.

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: Applied internationally
Tool mainly used in: Netherlands
Stage of Development: Well established
Evaluation and Research: Descriptor not applicable
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: No information found

Contact Details

Organisation Name: Department of Psychogerontology, Department of Psychogerontology
Address: P.O. Box 9104
Postal Code: 6500 HE Nijmegen
Country: Netherlands

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