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Tool Information

Settings: Education
MHP Steps: Follow Up | Implementation | Preparation | Needs Analysis
Country of Origin: United States
Languages: English
URL: Click here for Tool Website
Publication Information: SEL Programming Guides: Sustainable schoolwide SEL: Implementation guide and toolkit (CASEL, 2006). Safe and Sound: An Educational Leader’s Guide to SEL Programs Original (2003) & Illinois (2005) Editions (CASEL, 2005).

Evaluation: Yes
Available Formats: Digital (CD, DVD) | Paper Based
Free: No
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Individual and Organisation
Tool Type: Educational/Training

Tool Description

SEL is a school-based program, focused on social and emotional learning. Program involves processes to develope fundamental emotional and social competencies to recognize and manage emotions, to develope care and concern for others, to establish positive relationships, to make responsible decisions, and to handle challenging situations constructively. These skills, for example, allow children to calm themselves when angry, initiate friendships and resolve relationship conflicts respectfully, and make ethical and safe choices.

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: Applied internationally
Tool mainly used in: United States
Stage of Development: Well established
Evaluation and Research: Studies/Technical Data available
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: No information found

Evaluation Description

A number of evaluations is available on CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotionl Learning) web-site. Meta-analysis of 207 studies (288,000 students) showed children´s significant improvement in social and emtional skills; in attitudes about themselves, others, and school; in social and classroom behavior; in conduct problems such as classroom misbehavior and aggression; in emotional distress such as stress and depression; in achievement test scores and school grades. Research findings and reports: Durlak, J. A., & Weissberg, R. P. (2007). The impact of after-school programs that seek to promote personal and social skills. CASEL, University of Illinois at Chicago. Retrieve from Greenberg, M. T., Weissberg, R. P., O’Brien, M. U., Zins, J. E., Fredericks, L., Resnik, H., & Elias, M. J. (2003). Enhancing school-based prevention and youth development through coordinated social, emotional, and academic learning. American Psychologist, 58, 466-474. Zins, J. E., Weissberg, R. P., Wang, M. C., & Walberg. H. J. (Eds.). (2004). Building academic success on social and emotional learning: What does the research say? New York: Teachers College Press.

Contact Details

Organisation Name: CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)
Address: 1040 W. Harrison St.
Postal Code: IL 60607-7137
Country: United States
Telephone: 312.413.1008

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