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Tool Information

Settings: Education
MHP Steps: Implementation | Preparation
Country of Origin: United States
Languages: English
URL: Click here for Tool Website
Publication Information: Suicide Prevention Resource Center. (2004). Promoting mental health and preventing suicide in college and university settings. Newton, MA: Education Development Center, Inc.

Evaluation: No
Available Formats: Online
Free: Yes
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Individual
Tool Type: Information Campaign/Awareness Raising
Download(s): Suicide Prevention - 1.26 MB

Tool Description

An awareness raising campaign/paper/report for prevention of suicide in college and university settings in the US. It includes facts and figures on suicide in different social groups including migrants, students in transition, homosexual groups and international students. Risk factors for these at-risk groups are discussed as well as policies and strategies universities can apply to prevent suicide.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Lloyd Potter, Morton Silverman, Ellen Connorton, and Marc Posner
Organisation Name: SPRC Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Country: United States

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