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Tool Information

Settings: Education
MHP Steps: Preparation
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Languages: English
URL: Click here for Tool Website
Publication Information: - Morgan, Patricia (no year cited): The Potential of Creative Arts as a Medium for Mental Health Promotion in Schools: An Exploration of Meaning-Making, Belonging and Identity Using Creative Processes.

Evaluation: Unknown
Available Formats: Online
Free: Yes
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Individual and Organisation
Tool Type: Programme
Download(s): The Potential of Creative Arts as a Medium for  - 134 KB

Tool Description

This document explores the potential of creative art processes as a medium for progressive Mental Health Promotion in schools. These processes have been chosen because of their capacity to deepen transformative experiences. When engaged with the major themes of identity, belonging and meaning-making, their experiential nature and multi-sensory approaches provide insight into and support for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: No information found
Tool mainly used in: New Zealand
Stage of Development: No information found
Evaluation and Research: No information found
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: No information found

Contact Details

Contact Name: Judi Clements
Organisation Name: Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Address: PO Box 10051
Address Line 2: Dominion Road
Postal Code: Auckland 1446
Country: New Zealand
Telephone: + 64 9 300 7010

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