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Tool Information

Settings: Workplace
MHP Steps: Follow Up | Implementation
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Publication Information: The resource consists of a Trainer’s Manual and a Participants Pack. The Participant’s pack is a source of reference for employers and managers on good practice, guidance and advice. It is distributed to all employers who attend the training workshops. This has recently been updated to reflect the recommendations coming out of the impact evaluation.

Evaluation: Yes
Available Formats: Paper Based | Soft Copy
Free: Yes
Restrictions on Use: No
Tool Focus: Individual and Organisation
Tool Type: Educational/Training

Tool Description

The Mentally Healthy Workplace training programme was developed by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives in partnership with the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health. It is a 2-day training programme for employers/managers which is designed to highlight the impact of mental health on the workplace and deliver the key messages on promoting positive mental health and encourage good practice in workplaces. The training workshops are delivered to employers by a team of trainers throughout Scotland. It is co-ordinated and managed by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Tool Characteristics

Application in the Field: Limited application
Tool mainly used in: United Kingdom
Stage of Development: Recently produced(2-3 years)
Evaluation and Research: Studies/Technical Data available
Beneficiary Involvement in Design: Some reference to active participation

Evaluation Description

The evaluation addressed the efficacy and utility of the training programme. In doing so it compared the difference in understanding, attitudes and practices between employers/managers who received the training and a cohort who did not. The majority of participants indicated that the training had influenced their views in a positive way and a significant number have reviewed their working practices/policies within their own workplaces.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Nina Torbett
Organisation Name: Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives
Address: Princes Gate
Address Line 2: Castle Street, Hamilton
Postal Code: ML3 6BU
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: +441698208195

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