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  • To ensure that the MHP programme is improved as it proceeds
  • To ensure that future MHP programmes are optimally designed 

What Needs to be Done 

The purpose of this activity is to ensure that the MHP programme is subject to continuous improvement as it proceeds. In addition, when a given MHP programme has been completed, it is important to ensure that any subsequent programmes take account of the experiences gained in running the first one. 

These can only be undertaken effectively if there is adequate monitoring and evaluation information collected. In the case of improving the quality of a programme while it is running, monitoring information needs to be available in a timely and understandable fashion. In addition, the project must be set up in such a way that relevant information is communicated to people who are in a position to make changes to the programme, i.e. the project manager and those involved directly in implementation.

In the case of seeking to improve subsequent programmes, the timeliness of information is less urgent. However, the quality of the information needs to be high, as it must serve two functions – it must be sufficiently detailed to allow for programme design decisions to be made and it must be sufficiently persuasive to allow it to be used to influence decision makers to sanction new MHP programmes.

The activities of this phase are key to achieving better MHP both over the lifecycle of a specific programme and also over the course of multiple MHP programmes. 

Who is Involved?

Project Manager, Project Team, Programme Implementers, Decision Makers