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  • To assess the extent to which the project has met its objectives and targets

What Needs to be Done 

The evaluation activity is concerned with transforming the information gathered during the monitoring activity from raw information into a set of assessments of the extent to which the programme has met its objectives. This activity is undertaken not only to see if the project has worked after it has finished, but also to provide ongoing feedback throughout the implementation process in order to improve the quality of the programme as it proceeds. 

Evaluation may be a highly technical process for which expert help may be needed, but in its simplest form it involves comparing information that has been collected about the performance of the programme against the original aims, objectives and targets of the programme.

For a simple evaluation, you will need the aims and objectives for each of the activities that have been undertaken as part of the MHP programme. These should have been expressed as in terms that can be measured. You will also need to take account of any specific targets that have been set as part of the programme. These should then be compared to the monitoring data that has been collected. Some limited data analysis may be required (e.g. the calculations of frequencies and percentages), but no special skills are required for this level of analysis. This form of evaluation generally answers questions about the numbers taking part in the programme, their level of satisfaction with it and how the programme might be improved.

For a more complex evaluation, expert assistance may be needed, especially if it is intended to publish the evaluation as a scientific study. Generally, such evaluations aim to answer questions concerning the causation of effects or the efficiency of the interventions made. Complex statistical analysis is needed to adequately address these questions. 

Who is Involved?

The Project Team, the participants in the programme, instructors, experts if involved.