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  • Establish communication channels and reporting relationships for the project

Communications and Reporting

There is a need to set up communications channels and reporting relationships. Most settings already have these structures in place and you should try to integrate communications and reporting procedures for the MHP project into the existing structures. As one of the more difficult tasks in any initiative is that of communications, appropriate channels need to be set up at an early stage to promote the effective participation of all stakeholders. Consideration should be given to the following issues when setting up these channels: 

  • Which groups are the targets of communication?
  • What kinds of messages are to be sent?
  • What are the communications mechanisms in the organisation?
  • How is progress feedback to be communicated to the project team?

You also need to address reporting relationships. One of the dangers in setting up a project is that it becomes isolated from the normal decision making machinery of the setting. This involves seeking and maintaining reporting relationships with the strategic, financial and human resource functions within the setting.

Who is Involved?

The network of people involved in setting up the project and the main stakeholders will be involved in selecting people to participate in the project team. These should also be involved in identifying channels of communication and agreeing reporting relationships for the project.