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  • Build a network of people interested in the MHP process
  • Raise awareness amongst this group of what MHP is and why it is important
  • Promote the MHP project
  • Establish who is important to the MHP process

What Needs to be Done

A successful start to an MHP project usually relies on a core group of people who share a vision of the project and who can influence its setting up. The initiator needs to build a network of potential supporters for the project from those responsible in each setting.
It is also important to identify key stakeholders in each setting. These may include:

School- Parents or Guardians,Teachers, Boards of Management, Pupils. Workplace - Management, Workers Representatives, Health and Safety Personnel, HR Management. Older Peoples Residences - Medical staff, Care staff, Residents, Nursing staff, Families

All of these groups may not need to be involved to the same degree, particularly at these early stages. The goal of this activity is not to involve all stakeholders, rather to identify them, to inform them that a MHP process is about to start, and to identify allies in the process.

A useful tip is not to spread the network too widely so that it contains people who are only lukewarm supporters of the project. It is far better at this stage to have a small number of people (even two or three) who are genuinely committed to the project.

It is important to clearly communicate the benefits of the project to the organisation and to individuals. Formal and informal meetings are a useful way to promote awareness of what MHP is, its benefits and typical content of an MHP project, to disseminate information on the process and to clarify gaps in knowledge.

Who is Involved?

The person who initiates the MHP concept will usually be someone with some knowledge of what MHP involves, are in a position to identify and influence the major stakeholders and have a plan of action to establish a MHP project.