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  • Establish project team

What Needs to be Done

This activity is perhaps the most important activity in the Preparations phase - it builds the concrete structures which will be needed for the MHP process to proceed. The more secure the foundations which are built here, the easier the process will become and the more far-reaching the effects of the MHP project will be.

Establishing a Project Team

There are two ways of establishing a project team: 

  • By adapting existing setting structures (e.g. health and safety committees); or
  • By setting up a new team with the explicit brief to support the MHP process. 

The issues which need to be addressed here include the membership of the team to run the project, who will the team report to, what will the function or brief of the team be, and what communications channels will it use?

The brief of the project team will vary according to the size of the MHP project, the level of formality within the setting, the resources available to the project and the nature of the MHP project itself.