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  • Get explicit commitment and support for the project from top management
  • Identify the goals of the project and draw up an initial project plan
  • Identify the resources available to the project

What Needs to be Done 

This activity involves setting out an explicit agreement for the MHP process, to be agreed between the people responsible for the project, the decision makers within the setting and the other major stakeholders. This agreement may take the form of a 'contract' which serves to provide a visible commitment to the MHP process, especially by decision makers, but also by the other stakeholders.

The agreement should include the following elements: 

  • The scope of the project in terms of its philosophy and the range of issues to be addressed
  • The commitment of the stakeholders
  • A commitment to a balanced approach, i.e. individual and environmental interventions
  • Resources available to the project
  • Scheduling of the project
  • Responsibilities
  • Communications and reporting

Who is Involved?

The Project Team are responsible for this activity.