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24/06/2008 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

ProMenPol held its second annual conference in Berlin on June 19th and 20th 2008. The presentations associated with the 2007 ProMenPol Conference are available below:

Conference Agenda 2008

Introduction to 2nd ProMenPol Conference - Katrin Zardo (BAuA)

Core Principles of Mental Health Promotion - Dr Karl Kuhn (BAuA)

Keynote: Stepping out Towards Mental Health and Well Being - Gregor Henderson

Presentation of the Promenpol Toolkit.pdf  - Dr Richard Wynne (WRC) & Dr Donal McAnaney (Rehab)

Implementing Mental Health Promotion - Field Trials Type II & III.pdf - Gert Lang (FRK)

Your Input to Improving the Toolkit.pdf  Gert Lang (FRK) & Tilia Boussios (EWORX)

European Pact for Mental Health and Well Being Mary Van Dievel (MHE) & Chris O'Sullivan (The Support Project)

EU- Polcy European Pact for Mental Health - Prevention of Suicide and Depression - Mental Health in Youth and Education Dr Airi Värnik (ERSI)

EU- Policy European Pact for Mental Health - Older People - Dr Eija Stengård (STAKES)

EU- Policy European Pact for Mental Health - Mental Health in Workplace Environments - Dr Richard Wynne (WRC)

Introduction to Workshop II - Bottom Up Policy Making - Katrin Zardo (BAuA)

Ethics in Mental Health Pomotion - Dr Donal McAnaney (Rehab)

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