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  • To identify and assign the necessary resources, facilities and personnel to the prioritised activities.

What Needs to be Done 

Each of the activities to be implemented should be listed and the resources, i.e. the aids, materials, personnel, facilities necessary to run each activity should be detailed. Additional information such as when and where the activity will take place, who will pay for the activity etc. should also be considered. 

Activities may be provided in-house by qualified personnel, or by expert personnel outside the setting. There are often advantages in using in-house personnel because they are familiar with the setting’s culture and also they can relate to the problems experienced by the target groups involved of that setting more easily than someone from outside the setting.

A key part of this task is to assign responsibility for implementing each of the activities to a person or group. They will have responsibility for its organisation and for monitoring its success.

Who is Involved?

The Project Manager (and possibly the Project Team) with the assistance of any in-house personnel who may have experience of providing or obtaining training programmes.