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  • To communicate to participants the activities that have been selected and how they may become involved in them.
  • To implement each activity according to the schedule.

What Needs to be Done

Before implementing any of the activities of the MHP programme, it is important to ensure that all products; aids, materials, programme facilities and whatever is needed to run the activity is available in sufficient quantities and ready to use. Prior to the implementation of an activity a meeting should take place for all involved in the running of the activity to make sure that everything is organised and that everyone is clear on their responsibilities.

For some activities or improvements it can be useful to pre-test them in practice, before introducing them on a larger scale in the setting. Conducting a pre-test activity is also a useful way to gather participant’s reactions to the activity.

You will need to inform those involved of when the activity will be run, the duration of the activity, the cost (if any) and determine the number of individuals interested in participating in the activity.

Incentives are a useful way to encourage and maintain effective involvement during the implementation of activities. Depending on the setting, incentives such as providing T-shirts, rebates on course fees, or cash payments can encourage people to enrol in an activity or programme. 

Who is Involved?

The main participants here are the Project Manager, who directs and manages the activities and the people responsible for implementing each MHP activity. The target groups will be involved as participants in the activity.