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  • To identify and engage with the main target groups for the activities.

What Needs to be Done 

There are two elements to this activity – ensuring the target groups are effectively engaged in the activities and ensuring that targets are set for each of the activities that take place. 

The project plan has already identified the main target groups for the MHP activities. However, there is a need to ensure that not only are these groups identified, but that they are actively communicated with and persuaded to take part in the activities through whatever are the most effective channels.

The second element of this activity is to set targets for each of the activities that take place. These may be set in terms of the expected outcomes of the activities or in terms of intermediate outcomes which may lead to the ultimate outcomes being achieved. In addition, it is important to set targets in terms of the process of implementing the MHP activities. For example, indicators such as numbers taking part in an activity, satisfaction levels with activity and any problems that may arise can all contribute to a better understanding of the implementation process. 

Who is Involved?

Project Manager and Project Team