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25/11/2010 - Submitted by: Solin Pia

The MHP-Hands Needs Analysis Focus Groups were held in Finland by National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) in September 2010. The first group interview was held in THL Helsinki and consisted of 7 participants from various organisations from the older people's setting. The second one was conducted in Harjavalta Hospital, where 5 participants from different sectors of older people services attended. The participants were asked to complete three exercises which concerned mental health promotion activities and their tasks and roles of those involved in providing older people's services.

The information collected from the focus groups was very useful. Information was collected from exercises and group discussions. The participants gave their opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of implementing  mental health promotion intervention including the roles of staff. These results are being used to identify the areas areas which most need training.

Additionally, a group interview of older people was held on November 2010. This group consisted of 7 people of 65+ years and a representative from the Pensioners Organisation. The aim of this group interview was to find out how older people understand the concept of mental health and how their mental health and well-being could be promoted.

The overall results were good and proved the need for mental health promotion interventions. In all the groups the issue was considered interesting and it raised a lot of discussion. A project which aims to promote mental health of older people was considered to be very important and highly needed.

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Pia Solin
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