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24/02/2011 - Submitted by: Wynne Richard

The Irish validation workshops for the school and workplace settings were completed earlier this week.  Postponed from December last year due to problems of snow in Dublin, 16 people took part in the workshops.  The findings from the workshops largely confirmed those obtained from the initial focus groups.  From the schools setting, a very important piece of advice was that the MHP-Hands manual should not involve extra work for teachers –there is very little spare time to undertake initiatives and any MHPHands initiative should fit in with existing programmes.

For the workplace, one of the major issues that need to be tackled is the low level of awareness of mental health promotion. In addition, there is a need to recognise that some mental health promotion may already be taking place, especially in relation to stress prevention programmes.

The findings from the validation workshops will be made available on this website shortly.

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Richard Wynne