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23/04/2012 - Submitted by: Sisask Merike

The aim of the face-to-face training educational setting was to: 1) Introduce the MHP Handbook and assist the participants to get an overview of the content of the MHP Handbook 2) Able to participants to implement MHP related topics in educational setting 3) Motivate participants in practicing MHP and developed exercises from the MHP Handbook. In total, two schools and 50 participants were included in the first session of field trials in Estonia: Arte Gymnasium in the 21.03.2012 (38 participants) and Lääne-Viru College in 28.03.2012 (12 participants). Participant’s attendance of the face-to-face sessions was voluntary. According to feedback of participants we can say that participants were satisfied with the contribution of the 1st training session in complementing the knowledge on mental health promotion. 28 participants from 32 in Arte Gymnasium and 11 participants from 12 in Lääne-Viru College said that they are “Very satisfied” or “Satisfied” with the contribution of this training session. Participants added: “A got a good exercises about changing environment more cheerful and peaceful in classroom”; “I found out games what I could use in classroom”; “I can supplement my knowledge’s, and I’m very interested in mental health”; “Knowing that topic is very important and needs continuous approach”. The one aim on face-to-face session was to introduce some practical exercises that are appropriate for children in classroom. According to feedback of participants we can say that participants evaluated the exercises performed in 1st session appropriate for using in classroom. 29 participants from 32 in Arte Gymnasium and all 12 participants from Lääne-Viru College said that exercises were “Very appropriate” or “Appropriate”. Hopefully this positive experience will encourage teachers to use exercises in classroom. Participants added: “Practice makes things easier to remember. It makes better connection and helps to do exercises by myself”; “Good exercises create a climate about topic under discussion, they give a lot for theory”; “Activities were in accordance with examples of handbook”. The second face-to-face sessions in Estonia will be organised in June 2012. During the field trial period the participants will read the MHP Handbook and give feedback and fill out the questionnaires of evaluation.

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Airi Mitendorf, Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute


Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute