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Welcome to the website of the European Network for Mental Health Promotion (ENMHP). On this site you will find information and tools relevant to promoting mental health and wellbeing. There are tools and methods for promoting mental health, support for implementing mental health promotion programmes and training (face-to-face and e-learning) on MHP. These features are available for three settings – schools, workplaces and older people’s residences and in multiple languages.

What is the European Network for Mental Health Promotion?

The ENMHP is a new network for people interested in mental health promotion issues. It has more than 1600 members from Europe and beyond. Our members come from policy and practitioner backgrounds and they all have an interest in the implementation of mental health promotion programmes. In addition, the ENMHP aims to influence policy by communicating the experiences of practice directly to those who formulate and manage policy.

Where does it come from?

The ENMHP has developed from an EU funded project called ProMenPol which finished in December 2009. The partners in the ENMHP are developing the work the work of ProMenPol to include training for MHP and providing support for implementing MHP.

What can it do for you?

ENMHP aims to be the largest network for mental health promotion in Europe, providing, information, tools and methods, training and a communications platform for all who are interested in this emerging area. Over the coming years, it will promote the development of MHP in Europe and beyond through project work and practice. You can benefit by becoming a member of ENMHP, by communicating with your peers and by contributing to the development of the various projects which are being carried out throughout Europe.

Membership of the European Network for Mental Health Promotion

You can become a member of ENMHP by completing the electronic registration form on this page. This will give you overall access to all the websites in this portal and will also entitle you to receive the ENMHP newsletter.

What is the ENMHP website?

The ENMHP website is a portal which comprises 3 other websites. These are:

  •  ProMenPol – this site contains the database of tools and methods for promoting mental health and wellbeing
  •  MindHealth – this site contains the e-learning course for promoting mental health and wellbeing
  •  MHP-Hands – this site contains the support manuals for implementing mental health promotion projects

ProMenPol is a complete website, while MindHealth and MHP-Hands are under construction. They will have intermediate versions available during 2010 and 2011 and will be complete by the end of 2012.