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  • Positive Evaluation of the IPS model for the employment of people with mental health difficulties in Ireland
    Mental Health Reform report on a large scale pilot of the IPS (Individual Placement and Support) model for employing people with enduring mental health difficulties that took place between 2015 and 2017. This model provides targeted employment support to clients to prepare them for and to support them in paid employment.
    Results from the project were positive, with 33 out of 95 people obtaining at least some paid employment during the 2 year period of the project.

    These and other findings form the project evaluation show that meaningful paid employment is possible even for people who have not worked for many years once appropriate supports are provided.
  • DG Employment publishes guidelines on mental health at work
    DG Employment has just published guidelines on mental health at work as part of the results of a recent study involving Prevent, Work Research Centre, University of Nottingham, the London School of Economics and TNO. This study examined the case for workplaces doing more to prevent and manage mental health issues of their employees. It examined the current legislative provisions in the area and examined the case for introducing further legislation.

    As part of this work, new guidelines have been developed which integrate occupational health and safety, mental health promotion and absence management approaches to mental health issues. In doing so, they look to extend the field beyond a sole focus on workplace factors and to include mental health issues that arise from outside of the workplace.

    The study has also produced an interpretive note on mental health issues at work. This provides an interpretation of currently existing legislation in the area with a view to pointing to the ways in which it can be used as the basis for wider action on mental health at work.

    The project has also produced a final report which integrates these documents as well as providing a useful summary of current literature and an assessment of potential scenarios for the future.

    The reports from this project can be downloaded from:
  • MENTA50+ Online Serious Games: Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age
    This online serious games website brings you new teaching and training methods for maintaining mental fitness of people 50 plus based on online games.
  • MENTA50+ Handbook. Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age. A toolkit for learners and facilitators on mental fitness
    The aim of the MENTA50+ project is to contribute to the mental fitness of an ageing society. This handbook “Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age” was developed 2013 and 2014 for interested stakeholders who intend to promote mental fitness and mental wellbeing of older people.
    The handbook serves as a theoretical and practical background for various user groups on an individual and organisational level. It will help to deliver activities for older people on mental wellbeing and fitness. The handbook also serves as the background information for a 30 hour health promoting course activity.
  • Workshop on mental health in the workplace
    The consultative workshop on mental health in the workplace took place in Brussels on the 24thy June. More than 40 people from 10 countries took part and they heard presentations on topics ranging from the legislative situation governing mental health in the European workplace, guidance for employers, the costs and benefits of taking action and possible scenarios for developing the area.

    Participants came from a range of backgrounds and included the Social Partners, the Commission, EU agencies, NGOs and public health organisations.

    The project is due to produce final versions of scenarios, an interpretative document on legislation and guidance for employers by the end of the summer. All ENMHP members will be informed of when these are available.
  • Informative Guide on Dementia
    When someone you know is suffering from a form of dementia it can be easy to lose sight of what you originally loved about them. Dementia is a devastating condition which can result in uncharacteristic, often violent outbursts and memory loss which can turn the sufferer into a shell of the person they were. However, with the right care and support, you can preserve a great deal of their personality.
  • Workshop on mental health in the workplace
    A workshop on mental health in the workplace will take place in Brussels on the 24th of June. The workshop is part of a European Commission project, funded by DG Employment. The study aims to analyse the suitability of the EU-OSH legal framework in its current form, and to evaluate the relevant national policy measures and instruments for mental health specific risks in the workplace.

    The workshop will present:

    • The results of an expert study
    • A guidance document on mental in the workplace foe employers
    • An interpretive note on legislation

    The workshop is part of a consultation process with key stakeholders. Obtaining your opinion is an important part of the research process and the workshop sessions will allow you to comment on the materials. With your help and expertise, we can work towards a better understanding of the policies on mental health in the workplace and on improving the tools for employers and stakeholders at workplace level.

    The language of the workshop is English.

    You can register via

    If you have any questions, contact:
    Veronique De Broeck
  • How can employers promote good mental health? Live discussion
    Health and social work professionals experience the highest rates of work-related anxiety, stress and depression of any field. Join our panel to discuss what managers and colleagues can do to support staff in these sectors
  • Major new Europe-wide report on mental health produced by IMH
    A major new report into mental health across Europe has been published by a consortium led by Dr Chiara Samele, an independent researcher working on behalf of the Institute of Mental Health. The report was launched on the 10 October (World Mental Health day) at the Lithuanian Presidency Conference.
  • Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age (MENTA50+)
    The overall aim of the MENTA50+ project is to respond to the challenges of an ageing society through promoting increased activity of older people, by providing them a supporting framework and developing materials which reflect a holistic approach in giving solutions.

    The project consortium shares the belief that the key to respond to these challenges is to empower both the final end-users and also facilitators and providers who are important mediators to reach the target audience as well as to bridge between them and decision makers.

    The message of the project: “Better (mental) health can lead to living your life more actively” and vice versa “Active lifestyle leads to healthy ageing” reflects the association between active ageing and mental health, which the project undertakes to prove and support. Consequently, this results in communicating the self-responsibility and the capability of the individual to take actions for his healthy and active later life!

Results 1 to 10 out of 46.