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  • Trends in Adolescent Suicide Mortality in the WHO European Region
    Author(s): Mittendorfer Rutz E, Wasserman D
    Publishing Year: 2005
    Published In: European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Pages: 321-31
    Number: 5
    Volume: 13
  • Increased Rates of Psychosocial Disorders in Youth
    Author(s): Frombonne E.
    Publisher: Steinkopff
    Publishing Year: 1998
    Published In: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience
    Pages: 14-21
    Volume: 248
    ISBN: 0940-1334
  • Report on the State of Young People's Health in The European Union - Commission Work Paper
    Author(s): European Commission
    Publisher: Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection
    Publishing Year: 2001
    Pages: 56
    Download(s): Report on the State of Young People Health in The EU - 277 KB
  • The Subjective Costs of Health Losses due to Chronic Diseases: An Alternative Model for Monetary Appraisal
    Author(s): Ferrer-I-Carbonell, A., and van Praag, B. M. S.
    Publisher Location: Discussion Paper No. 313, of DIW Berlin
  • The Sundsvall Handbook, “We can do it!” from the 3rd International Conference on Health Promotion
    Author(s): Haglund, B. J. A., Pettersson B., Finer D. and Tillgren P.
    Publishing Year: 1993
    Publisher Location: Sundsvall, Sweden June 9-15 1991, Sundbyberg: Karolinska Instiuet
  • Identity: Youth and Crisis
    Author(s): Erikson E.
    Publisher: Norton
    Publisher Location: New York, USA
    Pages: 336
    ISBN: 0393311449
  • Establishment of a Set of Mental Health Indicators for the European Union
    Author(s): Lehtinen V., Korkeila J., Morgan A., Salize H-J., Dalgard O.S., Bijl R., Faria J.S. and Kovess V.
    Publisher: Informa Healthcare
    Publishing Year: 2003
    Published In: Scandanavian Journal of Public Health
    Pages: 451-9
    Number: 6
    Volume: 31
    ISBN: 1403-4948 (ISSN)
  • Ecological Perspectives in Health Research
    Author(s): McLaren L. and Hawe P.
    Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Limited
    Publishing Year: 2005
    Publisher Location: London, United Kingdom
    Published In: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
    Pages: 6-14
    Volume: 59
  • Disability Management: International Trends and Perspectives
    Author(s): Shrey, D. and Hursch N.
    Publisher: Springer
    Publishing Year: 1999
    Publisher Location: Netherlands
    Published In: Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
    Number: 1
    Volume: 9
    ISBN: 1053-0487 (ISSN)
  • Disability Management: A System of Response or a Response to a System?
    Author(s): McAnaney D., Webster B., Lohan M. and Wynne R.
    Publishing Year: 2001
    Published In: The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling
    Pages: 1-22
    Number: 1
    Volume: 7
    ISBN: 1323-8922 (ISSN)

Results 71 to 80 out of 100.