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  • Framework for Promoting Mental Health in Europe
    Author(s): Lahtinen, E., Lehtinen, V., Riikonen, E., J.
    Publisher: STAKES
    Publishing Year: 1999
    Publisher Location: Helsinki
  • Trends in Adolescent Suicide Mortality in the WHO European Region
    Author(s): Mittendorfer Rutz E. and Wasserman D.
    Publisher: Steinkopff
    Publishing Year: 2004
    Published In: European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Pages: 321-331
    Number: 5
    Volume: 13
    ISBN: 1018-8827
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases among Migrants in EU States – Prevalence and Care Situation
    Author(s): Huismann, A. et al.
    Publisher: Verlag Hans Jacobs
    Publishing Year: 1998
  • Health Promotion Planning: An Educational and Ecological Approach, 3rd Edition
    Author(s): Green, L.W. and Kreuter, M.W.
    Publisher: Mayfield Publishing
    Publishing Year: 1999
    Publisher Location: Mountain View, California, USA
    Pages: 621
    ISBN: 0-7674-0524-2
  • Rationale and Principles of Early Rehabilitation Care after an Acute Injury or Illness
    Author(s): Stucki G., Stier-Jarmer M., Grill E. and Melvin J.
    Publisher: Informa Healthcare
    Publishing Year: 2005
    Published In: Disability and Rehabilitation
    Pages: 353-359
    Number: 7/8
    Volume: 27
    ISBN: 0963-8288 (ISSN)
  • Health Promotion: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity - 3rd Edition
    Author(s): Tones K. and Tilford S.
    Publisher: Nelson Thornes
    Publishing Year: 2001
    Publisher Location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom
    Pages: 524
    ISBN: 0-7487-4527-0
  • Illness, Disability and Social Inclusion
    Author(s): Grammenos, S.
    Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
    Publishing Year: 2003
    Publisher Location: Luxembourg
    Pages: 168
    ISBN: 92-897-0221-4
    Download(s): Illness, Disability and Social Inclusion - 1.56 MB
  • Disabled Persons: Statistical Data
    Author(s): Grammenos, S.
    Publisher: Statistical Office of the European Communities
    Publishing Year: 1995
    Publisher Location: Luxembourg
    Pages: 335
    ISBN: 92-826-9652-9
  • European Survey on Working Conditions 2000
    Author(s): Paoli P. and Merllie D.
    Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2001
    Publishing Year: 2001
    Published In: Luxembourg:
    Pages: 86
    ISBN: 92-897-0130-7
    Download(s): third-european-survey-on-working-conditionspdf - 385 KB
  • European Reference Model for Workplace Health Promotion
    Author(s): Wynne R. and Kuhn K.
    Publisher: Bundesverband fur Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin
    Publishing Year: 2002
    Publisher Location: Dortmund, Germay

Results 91 to 100 out of 100.