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  • eHealth 2011 - Health Informatics meets eHealth. From Science to Application and back.
    26/05/2011 - 27/05/2011
    The eHealth2011 will take place in the Schönbrunn Palace Conference Centre in Vienna from 26th to 27th of Mai 2011.

    Indexed in ISI Web of Science

    The conference's motto and program target on building a bridge from research to application of information and communication technology in health care. Submitted and invited scientific presentations and posters as well as workshops and an interoperability showcase will contribute to that.

    Although papers can be submitted and presented in English as well, a considerable number of presentations - as well as most parts of the homepage - will be in German, which is the official conference language.

    Call for Papers until 15th January, 2011.
  • 11th European AAATE conference
    31/08/2011 - 02/09/2011
    The Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE), invites to the 11th European Conference for the Advancement of Assistive Technology, AAATE 2011, which will be held on August 31 to September 2 in the European city of Maastricht, located in south of the Netherlands.
  • 11th Annual International IHPM Health & Productivity Conference
    04/04/2011 - 06/04/2011
    To help us all assess the dramatically altered outlook for our health “system” we are very pleased to announce the return of the health policy expert best situated to do this – Grace-Marie Turner, President of the Galen Institute and an advisor to the new Congressional leadership that - together with a growing majority of Governors - will be altering the course of reform over the next two years
  • 6th Annual IHPM EU/UK Health & Productivity Forum
    30/11/2010 - 01/12/2010
    We are pleased – and honored – to be presenting this outstanding program on a theme that IHPM has been carrying around the world in recent years, to Asia and Latin America as well as to Europe – that the physical and mental health of the work force is crucial to the economic health of business and the nation.
  • Inaugural URAC/GKEN International Health Promotion Awards Symposium
    06/12/2010 - 07/12/2010
    In health care, simple ideas discovered in a local community can make a dramatic difference when implemented effectively around the world.
  • XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work
    11/09/2011 - 15/09/2011
    The global financial and economic crisis has had adverse effects on employment and working life, and also on occupational safety and health all over the world. Global challenges necessitate global cooperation and one of the most effective and efficient ways is to invest jointly in a safe working environment which will promote well-being and boost productivity by means of eliminating injuries and illnesses.
  • Work, Stress, and Health 2011 Work and Well-Being in an Economic Context
    19/05/2011 - 22/05/2011
    The Work, Stress, and Health Conference series addresses the changing nature of work and the implications of these changes for the health, safety, and well-being of workers
  • Health and Wellbeing at Work
    08/03/2011 - 09/03/2011
    Today, more than ever, organisations need to ensure their employees are fit, healthy, energised and in work. There is added pressure to reduce absences and to offer opportunities to those not currently in the workplace. Health and Wellbeing at Work will provide you with cost-effective, inspiring and innovative ideas to ensure that you are ahead of the game.
  • IXth ENMESH International Conference
    23/06/2011 - 25/06/2011
    Mental health services throughout Europe experience a period of profound change, driven by continuing challenges to public health and political commitment on intergovernmental (e.g. WHO European Ministerial Conference) and national levels. Due to national and regional historical developments including more recent changes, European countries differ widely in the way they organize mental health services. These differences range from cultural definitions of mental illness to the percentage of national budgets spent on mental health care. There is also wide variation in the level of implementation of effective and adequately funded community-based services fostering social inclusion and recovery. Throughout Europe, innovative and effective treatment approaches are being developed, established, and evaluated. However, there are also areas of concern because services are lacking or poorly focussed.
  • 2011 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference
    08/04/2011 - 09/04/2011
    Working together, psychology and business can create healthy organizational cultures that support employee well-being and organizational performance. Connect with experts and award-winning companies to explore topics including high-impact health promotion and wellness efforts, workplace flexibility as a business strategy, incentives and recognition, diversity and inclusion as drivers of competitive advantage and more. Save the date for our 2011 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference.

Results 91 to 100 out of 105.