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17/01/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

Several experts from all over the world will share their knowledge and experiences with the conference audience. For example, Plenary 3 on health promoting cooperation between different types of health services will feature contributions from inside and outside the HPH network on concepts and models from Germany and Canada as well as on the specific topic of alcohol prevention.

Please be reminded that the deadline for abstract submissions for the 19th International Conference of Health Promoting in Turku (“Improving health gain orientation in all services: Better cooperation for continuity in care”, June 1-3, 2011) is approaching. You can submit your abstracts until January 31, 2011 online.
It is for three reasons that the Scientific Committee has decided to focus the international HPH conference 2011 on "health gain orientation in all services":
Firstly, because the reorientation of health services towards health promotion and health gain, as demanded by WHO’s Ottawa Charter in 1986, has yet to be brought about. Secondly, Finland, the host country of the HPH conference 2011, had a strong focus on "health in all policies" during its EU presidency in 2006 – with important developments the conference will be able to draw upon. And, last but not least, because better health gain is one of the main goals of the HPH network. Looking back into the Ottawa Charter, the document called on health systems to "contribute to the pursuit of health", to move "beyond its responsibility for providing clinical and curative services" and to "open channels between the health sector and broader social, political, economic and physical environmental components." But how can this be achieved? As some possible solutions to increasing health gain orientation in health services and systems, the conference will, in line with core HPH strategies and standards, propose to increase continuity and cooperation both within single health service organizations, between different service providers, and between healthcare organizations and other settings.

These themes will be introduced in four thematic plenary sessions, and wrapped up in a closing session:

  1. What can be understood by better health gain and salutogenesis?
  2. How can better health gain orientation within hospitals / health services be improved?
  3. How can better health gain be improved by strengthening continuity of care in healthcare systems?
  4. How can cooperation between health services and other settings contribute to better health gain? And what can be the contribution to ecological sustainability and environmental friendliness?
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Turku, Finland
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