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01/02/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

In recent years great progress has been made in understanding the ageing phenomenon. Not only do we know better the role of many factors in healthy and active ageing, but various age-related deficiency and degeneration processes are today identified and innovative solutions are available, from biotechnology to new treatments, from preventive measures to efficient health care systems, and finally from financial support to quality of life enhancement for older persons.

We invite you to join the Congress and harness the opportunity to learn the latest in cutting-edge science and practice, but also to network, meet colleagues and develop friendships and future collaborations.

You will benefit from the enrichment of a multidisciplinary Congress where exchange of current ideas and best practices will contribute to advance research and treatment in the multiple aspects of prevention, efficient interventions and the highest quality of care for older people. Doesn’t the science of complexity, embodied in gerontology and geriatrics, meet its ultimate challenge right here in Bologna 2011

The VII European International Congress is designed to raise those many issues… and bring possible responses and solutions. Welcome to Bologna, where we will be delighted to meet you and your colleagues!

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Bologna, Italy
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