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01/02/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

Dilemmas in Ageing Societies The congress theme Dilemmas in Ageing Societies points to challenges of ageing societies and questions that arise from theory and empirical studies about ageing and older people’s lives. Although most people live longer, there is an increasing polarization of health and living conditions.

  • What are the main dilemmas as we take a closer look at men and women, rich and poor, or at different ethnic and religious groups?
  • How are dilemmas of a problem-oriented perspective versus a focus on resources balanced, evidence based knowledge versus practical options in every day life, technology versus human resources? Dilemmas can be found at all levels: At the societal level, e.g. meeting the needs of an increasing number of older people with a decreasing work force and a low fertility rate.
  • What are the consequences of the typical family becoming an expanded four-generation family, of which two generations are retired? At the level of intervention, understanding the effects of prevention, diagnostics, medical treatment, rehabilitation and care on healthy life expectancy.
  • Is a growing awareness that physical activity promotes health and autonomy likely to increase healthy behaviour? A dilemma is balancing different interventions and to prevent ageism in health and social services. Finally at the individual level, taking into account the complexity of gains and losses in the physical, mental, and social processes in old age.

The congress will address these and other issues, and we invite the participants to contribute with knowledge and reflections based on research and practice to explore the various dilemmas and their challenges to our societies. The congress will take place at the Hotel Scandic Copenhagen which is situated in the centre of Copenhagen. Hotel Scandic Copenhagen brings Copenhagen attractions to your doorstep. We are looking forward to welcoming you in June 2012!

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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