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12/04/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

ADOLESCENT HEALTH & QUALITY OF LIFE - Age and Gender Specific Research.

The 4th International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis and Meeting of the IUHPE-GWG-SAL, May 30-31, 2011, University West, Trollhättan, Sweden

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

It is a great pleasure and a privilege to invite you to the 4th International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis focusing on two themes.

  • Firstly, how to implement salutogenic research and practice in the life period of adolescents. This is to exemplify what considerations are needed to use the salutogenic system approach to health in a specific age span.
  • Secondly, a forum for Best Practice in Salutogenesis we call “The Salutogenic Society” demonstrating how salutogenesis is implemented on the community level , such as within organisations, institutions, health and public health systems, settings for learning (schools) and, communities in general. There are many such initiatives around the World. The idea here is to create a forum where this can be presented and demonstrated where everybody can learn. It does not have to be ready processes, the main thing is that everybody can see, learn from and draw their own conclusions.

The two themes are a result of the discussions between ten Research and Development Institutions that now will form a Core Group for the IUHPE Global Working Group on Salutogenesis (GWG-SAL). One of the ideas is to circulate the Annual Research Seminars between the institutions - therefore this year´s seminar will be arranged in Sweden at University West in Trollhättan. The two days will be arranged with key note presentations in the mornings and best practice seminars and poster presentations in the afternoons. We are pleased and honoured to present some of the most distinguished persons in public health, health promotion and salutogenesis. This is a call for participants, best practice presenters and poster presenters to submit their papers to the conference. The Research Seminar will be a place for networking, for inspiration and further development of research.

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Trollhättan, Sweden
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